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11/05/03 -
Skin Two Magazine is now avaiable at our
Discover what you need to know in this outstanding fetish magazine. We now offer it for purchase here at the Master's Path!
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11/05/03 -
DDI Magazine & Skin Two Magazine
Be sure to find our sensational new ads in both of these quality magazines.

DDI Magazine

Skin Two Magazine

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07/27/03 - DDI Magazine
Watch for our positive Press Release in the next issue of D.D.I. Magazine.

DDI Magazine

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05/30/03 - Skin Two Magazine
Be sure to check out our ad in SKIN TWO Magazine, issue 44, on sale August 15th by subscription or at Virgin, Borders, Tower Records and leading fetish stores & clubs.

skin two magazine

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03/22/03 - Official game release!
Today we celebrate the official The Master's Path game release.

You have waited for an exciting and energetic adult roleplaying board game. Wait no longer.

Place your order TODAY!

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04/16/03 - Web site WILD launch party.
We had the most exquisite party tonight launching our site,!

A big "Thank you" to all who support us in this idea and for its further success into the future.

Be well,

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