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THE MASTER - Ruler of all that HE/SHE owns. A truly Dominant personality that demands respect, devotion and service from all slaves in HIS/HER presence. Wise in the ways of the world and living each day with truth of being and honor above all.

The MASTER may take a slave and use in service for pleasure or labor. Controlling the slaves body and spirit during "INTERACTIVE LIVE SESSION" in which both achieve a level of inner satisfaction
( called "subspace" ) as the energies blend as one...
A beautiful experience.

the slave - A being of a "submissive " nature, that prefers to serve with body and soul a strong Dominant figure. Giving all of his/her-self for the pleasure and comfort of their owner.

the slave is submissive but also possesses inner strength and beauty that yearns to make others happy. Putting themselves second to others needs and desires. Having title to no property, as all possessions are passed onto the ONE they serve and cherish.


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