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Method of Play

Place player tokens in the "DUNGEON GATE" corner. Play begins with the Dungeon Master and proceeds from the Master's left in a clockwise manner on the "MASTER's PATH". Dominant players will complete 2 rolls of the dice and the moves indicated, prior to the submissive players being allowed their first move. MASTERS/MISTRESSES may purchase a Realm upon which THEY land.

MASTERS/MISTRESSES move on the stone "MASTER'S PATH"and submissives travel on the wooden planks of the "slave path".

Land on a RUFHORSE logo and the player must draw a card. The player must then perform the "REWARD" or "PENALTY" indicated.

example: "slave PUNISHMENT" card # 8
stand in corner until next turn

The MASTER and slave decks each contain 20 REWARD and 20 PENALTY cards.
One never knows if PAIN or PLEASURE awaits them in the draw of the card.

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